Notary Services Available

Our Township has 2 notaries in the office. 

Please call ahead to let us know you are in need of a notary at 989-686-5300.

Waste management now offering 96 Gallon Containers

96 Gallon Container

Important Information:

Residents of Frankenlust Township can now rent a 96 gallon container from Waste Management. They are $4/m. paid one-time annually ($48 payment). This fee covers all maintenance and replacement of the container. 

If you wish to do this you must set up your own personal account - the container rental is outside of the Township residential services contract.


The number to call is (866) 797-9018.

2019 Bay County Mosquito Control INformation

Click on DOWNLOAD to view our documents

2019 BCMC Outreach Document (pdf)


2019 Multiple Use-Campground Information (pdf)


2019 Program Plan (pdf)


Bay County Mosquito Control (pdf)


Water System Advisory Council

NEEDED: A Cititzen to Serve on the Water System Advisory Council

The Water System Advisory Council (WSAC) is looking for a local resident to

participate.  Please  click on the above link for more information