Planning Commisson


Planning Commission Members


   Therese Scheuerlein


Dave Helmreich


Michael Haley


James Begick

Alice Eschenbacher

Tony Johnson

John Fox

About the Planning Commission

Where people live, work, play, how they travel, and the quality of these experiences depends in part upon something few people ever think about, land use planning.

Though perceived as a strictly bureaucratic process, land use planning is actually a prelude to the dynamic rise of new buildings, triumphant growth of towns, proud continuation of farming and even the inconspicuous but meaningful tasks of protecting property values.

Members of the Frankenlust Township Planning Commission have the civic responsibility of helping residents, business and property owners articulate and achieve a vision of how they want their community to look and function in the future.  The Planning Commission is the primary entity responsible for long term, comprehensive planning, having the ability to put foresight into planning and development decisions.

Responsibilities of the Planning Commission

**Develop and Adopt a Master Plan

**Perform Site Plan Review

**Conduct Special Land Use Reviews

**Other Functions

Meeting Times

The Planning Commission meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm.

Regular meetings and special meetings are posted at the Township Office.

The Public is welcome to attend regularly scheduled meetings.