Current Copies of Property Cards

Current Copies of Property Cards

 Annually, the Assessor shall prepare an Assessment Roll that describes all taxable real and personal property in the Township as of December 31st and its assessed and taxable values. The property tax is based on two elements; the value of the property, and the millage rate at which the values are taxed. The value of the property is determined through the assessing process. Millage rates are determined by authorized government units and voter approved mileages. Property taxes are charges to taxpayers for the costs of governmental programs and services that benefit the general public and to finance public improvements, such as road projects. 

Current Copies of Property Cards

Current Copies of Property Cards

Current Copies of Property Cards

Did you know you can get current copies of Property Cards for most municipalities, in the state, by going to

Once you are on the BS&A website, go to the upper right hand corner of the Home page to set up an account and have 24/7 access to property cards.

Assessing Valuation Change

You may notice a substantial increase in your Assessed Value as you open your assessment change notice next February. The State Tax Commission has adopted a new valuation platform. Beginning with 2019 the Tax Commission has mandated that all assessing software vendors use MMSVP (Michigan Marshall Swift Valuation Platform). This program uses the raw data in our system and applies building costs by Marshall Swift, which is the leading provider of building cost throughout the USA. 

I've noticed a building previously valued at $600,000 now being valued at $730,000. This is scary when it first happens but realize that this effects only the Assessed Value, not the Taxable Value. The Taxable Value would change only if there is new construction on the parcel or if the property is sold and thereby uncapped. Assessed values are still adjusted to local Values by the Economic Condition Factor which should keep values reflective of true cash values.


Principle Residence Exemption


Do you have one? Should you? How do you know?

     The "Principle Resident Exemption" allows you to be "exempt" from the 18 mill "School Operating" tax on your summer tax bill. If you own and occupy the home as your "Principal" residence you should qualify. Look on your tax bill at the Tax Detail section. You'll see PRE/MBT%:. If that is followed by a 0%, it means you're not getting the exemption.

     If you have a question or are unsure if you are eligible, please contact the assessor.

Frankenlust Township Board of review


Board of Review

All non-exempt property must be assessed at 50 percent of true cash value and uniformly assessed with other property in the classification. The purpose of the Board of Review is to ascertain this has been accomplished (MCLs 211.28-211.33). The taxpayer may appeal his or her assessed value and/or taxable value. No person can appeal his or her assessment to the Tax Tribunal unless he or she has first appeared before the Board of Review

Board of Review Members

Ron Campbell, Secretary

Larry Bourassa

Howard Helmreich

Frank Linzner

Contacting the Board of Review

You may leave a message for the Board of Review  at 989-686-5300.

Frankenlust Township Building Inspector


Richard Sabias

To ensure quality development in our Township, the Building Department is responsible for issuing all building permits. Existing buildings and new construction are inspected. Building and zoning codes are enforced. For inspections call Mr. Sabias at 989-860-2219.


Building Permits

When is a building permit required?

A building permit is required when any type of structural work is done on your home. This includes: additions; sheds over 200 sq. ft; deck 30"  or higher above grade; finishing an attic or basement spaces.

When is a building permit NOT required?

A building permit is NOT required when replacing same-size windows; adding or changing the exterior siding; replacing roof shingles as long as no sheeting needs to be replaced.

**When a building permit is required, the appropriate permits, and their fees, will be in addition to the building permit.


Obtaining a Building Permit

The following information must be submitted to the Township Office:

1. Zoning Application

2. Building Permit Application

3. Four (4) sets of construction plans for Commercial and one (1) set for Residential.

Permits can be downloaded and printed from the website under the heading of FORMS.

Frankenlust Township Electrical Inspector


Frank Bryden, Jr.

For electrical inspections call Mr. Bryden at 989-892-4746

Electrical Permits

An electrical permit is required when any electrical work is done other than replacing light fixtures and receptacles.

You can get an electrical permit from our website which can be downloaded and printed under the heading of FORMS.

Frankenlust Township Mechanical and Plumbing Inspector


Dell Bedford

For a mechanical or plumbing inspection, 

call Mr. Bedford at  989-272-5108.

Plumbing Permit

A plumbing permit is required when adding plumbing, installing underground plumbing, changing placement of fixtures or replacing water heaters.

Mechanical Permit

A mechanical permit is required when replacing a furnace, bath and kitchen fans, dryer vents, factory-built chimneys, adding air conditioning, and installing a gas or wood burning stove.

Contractor Registration


Attention Contractors

If a Contractor has not registered with Frankenlust Township, please bring a completed registration form (you can find this document under FORMS), a copy of the Contractor's license and driver's license.

There is no fee to register!

zoning administrator


Rodney Nanney

The Zoning Administrator is the designated enforcement official for the Township's  Ordinances. The duties include: investigating complaints of ordinance violations; contacting property owners where Ordinance violations exist; requesting correction of violations; reviewing all zoning permit applications; and administratively reviewing certain Site Plans submitted to the Planning Commission.

Contacting the Zoning Administrator

You may contact Mr. Nanney at 989-492-0540.

Noxious Weeds and Vegetation Commissioner


James Begick

The noxious weed and vegetation commissioner observes Township properties for noxious weeds and enforces the Frankenlust Township Weed Ordinance. The State of Michigan has signed into law that Townships are able to oversee the properties that may have a noxious weed issues and require them to cut  those weeds or have the weeds cut for them and the charges will be billed to the owner or placed on their winter tax bill.

Contacting the Noxious Weed and Vegetation Commissioner

You may call the Township office at 989-686-5300 and Mr. Begick will be notified of your inquiry.

frankenlust township Construction board of appeals


Construction Board of Appeals

The Construction Board of Appeals is a board that is appointed by the Township Board and consists of 3 members. This board hears appeals from the enforcing agency of the Building Code and renders a written decision no later than 30 days after the appeal is taken.

Construction Board of Appeals Members

Roger Clauss

Randy Knoerr

Jim Reichard